Allan Hurst

Allan Hurst

Allan Hurst

A member of Chi-Town's "West Coast Chapter", Allan lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and commutes to Chicago on an irregular basis to look after family, call for various groups, and dance with Chi-Town. He learned to dance in 1985 with the El Camino Reelers, and his first IAGSDC convention was "Stars Thars & Cable Cars" in San Francisco in 1996. Since then, Allan's never missed an IAGSDC convention, and received his 10-year medallion at the 2005 "Star Thru The Silicon Galaxy" in Santa Clara, California.

In 1997, Allan attended his first GCA Caller School, at which he was scared to death. Since then, he's attended seven or eight caller schools (some GCA, some not), and he's no longer scared to death of calling.

Allan calls Basic through C1, and has called club nights and dances for a number of Bay Area clubs on an irregular basis for many years, including El Camino Reelers, Western Star Dancers, Foggy City Squares, and Midnight Squares. Allan was thrilled to be asked to call a holiday dance for Chi-Town, has performed at numerous Chi-Town fly-ins and chili dances, and has called for American Squares in Homewood, IL.

Over the years, Allan has developed a popular interactive style and mic presence. While he's best known for Advanced & Challenge 1 calling, he enjoys calling all levels.

Although Allan had danced with Chi-Town sporadically during Chicago visits, in 2001 his father passed away, and Allan was so touched by the support of all of the Chi-towners that he became a full club member that very year.

Profesionally, Allan is a partner in a Silicon Valley computer network design and consulting company. He lives in Sunnyvale, California, with his husband Randy (who he married during a Squares Across The Border fly-in in Vancouver BC in 2003), a desert tortoise, and a box turtle.

For five years, Allan was the Editor of The Call Sheet, the professional journal of the Gay Callers Association. During his tenure as The Call Sheet Editor, he worked to bring the GLBT and straight calling communities closer together. Currently, he's working to preserve IAGSDC square dance history. He digitally restored and recreated the book "TEN YEARS IAGSDC: A Collection of Pages From Our Memory Book", making the completed e-book available online free of charge. In 2010, Allan brought up the IAGSDC History Wiki, an online repository of historical documents, interviews, and information, and is preparing to kick off the IAGSDC Oral History Project.